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3/31/22 End of Slicing, Beginning of More? (#sol2022)

Whoah! March was quite a month! Messy, ugly….but I did achieve my goal! I had set realistic expectations for myself–slice at least 3 times per week. I did that—but don’t feel great. I’m not use to setting realistic expectations, but my anxiety has helped me reel it in–a lot! πŸ™‚

So what are some things I take away from this last month?

Writing is still hard. It’s always been a slow painstaking thing for me to do.

But when I get in the zone, I go for it.

Slicing everyday is not realistic for me.

But taking time to capture my thoughts when I want to remember something is critically important to me.

What’s next?

Continue to communicate through writing…

Because it allows for connection…

Continue to capture my contemplations–especially in times of cognitive dissonance

Calling for action with my contemporaries…


3/30/22 Stealth Mode (#sol2022)

Yesterday I was home with my daughter, and my day started in stealth mode. πŸ™‚

4:50 AM wake up and out the door

5:00 AM Arrive at school. Quiet building, quiet halls…provides focus

Stealth mode.

Walk into my classroom to set up my plans for the day.


My desk is already cleared off–no need for the one arm swipe and stash!

Out by 5:20

Stealth mode.

5:30 Home

Our dog is looking for a walk. Why not? I’m up.

Walking through the woods in the pitch dark.

Peed. Pooped. Mission accomplished.

Hmmm….could I do this everyday?

Stealth mode.

5:55 AM Feeling cocky…What’s next?

House is still quiet–everyone’s sleeping

Ahh! A homemade quiche…after all, I’m in…

Stealth mode.

Quiche is in the oven.

Wondering, what’s next to my day?

Sleep mode! …at least for the next 27 minutes until the quiche is done.

3/29/22 Respite in the Woods (#sol2022)

I feel fortunate that I live near a state forest. It’s one of my happy places. πŸ™‚

A Respite in the Woods

In the forest,tall green giants sway in the breeze.

In the forest, I hear the soft rustle of leaves playing with each other.

In the forest, squirrels and chipmunks dash and scatter in games of β€œcatch me if you can!”

In the forest,  a large boulder calls me to sit.

In the forest, the sun peeks through the canopy greeting me with dappled smiles.

In the forest, the chirping sings sweet melodies.

In the forest, life slows down a bit.

In the forest, I take in deep breaths to soak in my surroundings.

In the forest, I find my place of calm.

3/28/22 Remember when… (#sol2022)

“Remember when you didn’t have that and you’d come in to put me to bed. We’d snuggle, tell stories, and watch funny animal videos on Youtube?” my daughter asked.

As I sat in my bed, I placed my phone on the nightstand and headed over to her room to snuggle and pull up some cute baby animal videos. (Thank goodness that at age 11 she still wants to snuggle once in a while!)

Thank you, N, for cherishing the little moments; and we’ll help each other never forget.

3/25/22 A Quiet Moment (#sol)

As a mom and a teacher, quiet moments are few and fleeting! This morning I woke earlier than my children, sat with my cup of coffee in soft lighting, and just listened to the birds. Ahhhh….peace.

It’s been a hectic week.

Volleyball tournaments–so much overstimulation for my recovering brain.

Cockroaches! We’ve started a new science unit.

Mask optional–could my shoulders and body feel any more tense this week!?

But this moment–this quiet, peaceful moment–I’m treasuring as I recharge for this last school day of the week! Quiet moments—how important they are for our souls.

3/23/22 Volleyball Tournament (#sol)

44th Annual Intramural Volleyball Tournament

Brightly colored team shirts

Stands packed

Rotate in,

Rotate out

Set, spike

High fives!

Bounce, miss

It’s ok!

Elementary volleyball

Lessons on teamwork

Having fun

3/18/22 Lucky… (#sol2022)

What do you feel lucky to have in your life?

-family & friends
-that we don’t have writing this afternoon

Ok the last response was an outlier to yesterday’s morning meeting sharing. :). I loved how thoughtfully shared about the things they were grateful and knew that they were lucky to have in their lives. It inspired me to create my own list of things that I feel lucky for as well:

*my loving supportive family
*my home to keep me warm and safe
*my friends that I know I can lean on through all types of circumstances
*my colleagues that make going to work so much fun
*my job which helps give me purpose in this world
*financial security…especially through the ups and downs of the last couple of years
*my health
*my spirituality in knowing that there is a higher power at work when things become unexplainable

The Madness of March Book Madness (#sol 2022)

Back from spring break….ready to take on March Book Madness with my class after reading our way across America before spring break!

Open the bracket….

Oops! We’re already down to the elite 8. No worries! I’ve got this. We’re not that far behind! We read our first two books, and we were excited to vote!

Opened the voting form. You need to vote for all of the book choices at once. Oops! No worries! I’ve got this. We’ll read the rest of the books throughout the week and vote at the end of the week.

Student: The voting for this round ends tonight at 7 PM.

Me: (in my head—Crap!). No worries! I’ve got this. Well we’ll vote for this one and then vote for what you’d think you’d like to win in the other match ups!

Student: I don’t feel comfortable voting for books I don’t know.

Student: I want to know what the books are about.

Student: I can’t vote for a book just based on the cover.

Students: We need to read ALL the books today!

Me: (in my head–Crap! They’ve been paying attention to my lessons about being fully informed before making decisions….weighing all the evidence…looking at situations from multiple perspectives…..our iceberg work on the importance of looking beneath the surface). No worries! I’ve got this! I’ll meet you half-way….cancelled social studies and listened to my students advocate for wanting to be fully informed voters.

No worries! They’ve got this!

Our Hearts Grow with Kind Acts (#sol 2022)

What started off as a reinforcer to our schoolwide PBIS expectations has grown into so much more for the little corner on the second floor of our elementary school. It began with me noticing kind acts that students were doing for each other. I’d record these on hearts and place them on the bulletin board outside our classroom.

It became more powerful when the students in the class assumed responsibility for noticing kind acts in each other and recorded them on the board.

It became incredibly powerful when it organically grew to students in additional classrooms and other adults noticing and recording kind acts happening all around them.

Kindness grows.

When we open our eyes to see the good around us, our hearts grow.

-Someone helped me with a math problem.

Someone I didn’t know gave me a compliment.

-Someone tried to get help from another person when the first person didn’t listen.

-Someone helped me pick up my things.

-Someone gave their seat to me.

Just some of the heart messages. <B

3/14/22 Spring Break, thank you… (#sol22)

Spring Break, thank you for…

…time to heal from my concussion

…time to disconnect from technology

…time to spend with my family

…time to help my mom

…time for lazy mornings

….time to recharge! πŸ™‚